Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What I got for Christmas!

This was an epic Christmas. I got lots of cool stuffs. Like...

Boo (a stuffed animal)

Boo calender (the same animal)

a Boo T-shirt

A Victoria's Secret pink hoodie

LOTS of Reese's


Body butter (heh that sounds funny

Party rock bracelet

another bracelet the says "FIERCE"

4 different kinds of pink nail polish

2 pairs of jeans

a new Ipod! (WHHEEE)

new bows

really cool bobbypins (Their sparkely and TWISTY)

Just dance 4 (with 2000 Wii points! I bought Gangnam style)

First Position (a movie)

3 pairs of fuzzy socks

pretty little clippy thingies (I don't know how to explain)

8 new headbands

Gift cards to DSW and Claire's

And I think that's it. I feel like I'm forgetting something but I don't knows.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I found it!

What did I find you ask? Oh, it's only the rarest thing in Minecraft. And I found 7 OF THEM!!!!
And what are they? Diamonds? Emeralds? Nope. PINK SHEEP!!!! Oh yes, hunny bee. I found 7 sheep that are pink. And no, I did not dye them myself. Just ask Sierra. (She heard me scream when I found them)
At first I thought it was just a pig. But then it turned around and I saw it's face. A SHEEP?!?!?!?!?!?!?!! Yes, a pink sheep.

I'm so proud of myself. See, exploring does help you. A LOT!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Our new Cartoon!

Ethan has this new little cartoon making program on his computer.

And we are making a new Cartoon series with Mr. Johnson as the main guy, the dog Rover, and Robbie the Robot. I play Robbie.

In the first episode we're all watching a movie and Mr. Johnson LOVES IT! But Rover and Robbie hate it. And we're all arguing over who's right.

It's pretty funny. Maybe.

So yeah, I gotta go record the voices AGAIN! So buh-bye!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


You all know one of my Best friends, Grace.
Well, on Thanksgiving she slipped down her stairs and she sprained her Big toe. So she can't do pointe, releve, or jumps. (She's pretty happy about pointe though) But please give her lots of prayers so that she can get back to dancing! :)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

yet another contest

Okay!!!!!!! So I was really bored so I decided to post on meh blog but.... I didn't know what to post about so I'm making another contest.

The question is..... What's my favorite thing to do in Minecraft?

Here are the 3 hints:

1.It ain't building
2. It has something to do with breaking
3. I ususally do this with another person

I hope you can get it.... But if you can't...... Too bad.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

hanna montana is now dead

So today my brother (Ethan) saw me playing a hanna montana game on my computer. In this game you can design her hair, so Ethan thought it would be GREAT if he played it too. And... This is what came out of him playing after about 10 minutes.
 ( some images may scare... well... everyone..)

AND.... This is what he made in paint. (It's the last picture, but he edited it.)

Yeah... We are pretty weird... :3

Imma go flarb in a divet with a rainbow bunchie as we fly into the sun, slowly melting as we get closer... and closer... and closer.....AND CLOSER...



Wednesday, November 21, 2012


So, I dunno if I told yall this already but I got Calvary... So yeah.

I get a really cool sword and a horse!!!! And the Fight Scene is my favorite in the whole ballet.
I'm in cast C so I get opening night! But I only get 10 shows and last year I had 20. :(

Well, anyways I'm trying to build PNB in Minecraft, and it's REALLY hard. Even though I'm there almost everyday, I can't remember where anything is.


Cassie got pooped on...

So.. Daddy got home early today and Cassie got so excited that she had to waz.. (go to the bathroom)
So we let her out and she did her business and then she came in and I noticed something white on her back. Dad touched it and he said, "This is BIRD POOP!" We were all laughing really hard! Because she always barks at the birds, and this was like their revenge.

Poor Cassie......


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Horrible/amazing children

Yesterday mom, dad, and Sierra all went to work. And Ethan and I were home alone. Mom always makes a chore list for us to do while their gone. And we did all that and then we did...

Cassie hopped on my bed with muddy paws. So I brought all of my bedding to the Laundry area and I threw it on the ground. Then like a half hour later I was petting Cassie, when I realized she smelled like MUD. So I said, "Etan... Let's give Cassie a bath." And he said, "After I do guitar for a half hour." Okie Dokie! Then I was gonna grab the broom when I saw all of my muddy bedding on the floor, and I said, "Etan... We should also do the laundry." Because I didn't want any stains on my stuffs. So we threw it in the Washer and we're like.....
How much soap do we put in?!?!? " I DON'T KNOW?!?!?" So we ended up putting about 4....... That's it just 4. And we didn't put them in their for long enough so they weren't even wet. But we put them in the dryer anyway.
Then we gave Cassie a bath then Ethan's all like, "We should give Fernando a bath too. It's only fair." So we gave him a bath.
Then we finished doing the laundry by doing more and more loads. And then we played Twister the FUN WAY. (On your back)


Buh-bye YALL!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Upside down water????

Grace said that she didn't care if I posted this....

So Gracie was at her house going to get some ice water. She got her cup and went over to her fridge to get the ice. (Cause she's got one of those fridges! :D) And she pushed the button and all of the ice went all over her kitchen. And she had no idea why! But then she realized that her cup was upside down....  Oh Gracie.......

Friday, October 5, 2012

Nutcracker results

Yay! I got in!!!! But theres a long story as to what my part is.

So originally I got Tall Servant! YAY!  But then for the first rehearsal they started lining us up and figuring out what casts we're gonna be in.  And me and my friend from the Bellvue school Danielle, were gonna be alternates. But they had something wrong. And one of the people in charge said to Danielle, "Did you know that you have been switched to Calvary?" Danielle said "No..." Then she looked back at her papers and walked away.
After the rehearsal I was in the Locker room getting dressed. When Danielle came up to me and said, "Um, Anne wants to talk to you about something." I quickly closed my locker and ran over to Anne. She said, "Oh, Abigail I was wondering if you wanted to switch to Calvary?" "I don't know....." I said. "Well, Doug will call you later on your answer." I walked away after that. And I was dieing to tell the Skittles.

So in the end I decided to switch to Calvary. Because that's what I wanted originally.

Buh bye bunnies........................................ I'm on a horse! With a sword!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nutcracker Auditions

Today I auditioned for Nutcracker. I really want to get Clara. (Well no der) But I'm probably just gonna get Calvary. They made us do 2 combinations. Well, they made us do one of them 3 times. But whatevs.
The bad part is that they post the results on a Wednesday. And I don't have class on Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mom and dad refuse to drive me there. But my friend is coming so she is going to call me and tell me if I got in and what I got.

Well, I'm gonna go flarb in a divet with a bunchie.
So bye!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The big divet

I made this new Minecraft world and it is AWESHUM. And I'm in my 2 favorite lands, Swamp, and Plains. And when I was exploring my new world I found this big arch between two mountains. There was a big divet in the middle. And decided that it would be my home. So far I've made myself a farm, a bed, a workbench, and a chest. And I've found, an Emerald, (Which is the rarest thing to find in the WHOLE game!) 8 Diamonds, over 100 Red stone, too much Coal, and lots of Iron. I've also made a Mine cart, mine cart rails, red stone rails, and red stone torches. (To power the Red stone rails) I don't know what to do in my world. I wanted to find Gold but I'm too lazy. Any ideas? You can comment if you want.

Well, I'm gonna go play Minecraft. So I'll post something in a few days. (maybe)

Sunday, September 9, 2012


I took this incredible picture on my Minecraft account. I think it looks super duper derpy!

It's an uncooked porkchop....... That's what pops up when you kill a pig...... Yeah... ANYWAYS!
This one is a saddle next to a dead piggy. As if Steve (The main lil dude) sat on the poor piggy and killed it..... Now you understand my living style.


You would not believe what I found on Google Images today!!!!!! If you LOVE Spongebob you will understand too.
Isn't it AWESHUM!?!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

PNB Level 5

PNB starts tomorrow!!!! Holy FLARB I'm so excited! I'm so excited I even made up a new word! It's Blarbiguhnugget! Blarb-ee-guh-nugget. I don't even know what it means!
I'm gonna wear 2 flowers. One that one of my best friends gave me. It's a purple flower with a cute lil' pearl in the middle of it! And the second one is a big flower thats a pretty close shade of purple to my leotard.
Also I'm excited because I get more POINTE WORK!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D (I love those faces)

But anyways I'm really excited and I CAN'T WAIT to see all of my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sierra's Story

Oh my.... This is one to tell her kids...

Okay..... So I finally got it out of her why she was laughing so hard and saying that she won't tell anybody...... :)

So she said, "Okay, I was putting away my nail polish and my foot was asleep so I was on 1 footsie. I then put my asleep foot on the ground and I fell over nothing and fell in all these door beads and I had like 6 on my head and one wrapped around my leg and a few on my stomach, and this entire time I was on one footsie." And then I came in the room as soon as she got untangled.

That was an epic moment....

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Spitting water

Oh my gosh! It was so much fun! *Ahem* Let me explain...

Me and Ethan were playing outside, and I was drinking water. Ethan said something funny and I spat it everywhere. Then he got his water bottle and we made flarby pictures on the fence. Then we started flarbing. I would go on the tree swing and then I would spin myself up and while I was unspinning I would spit water everywhere. Then I was running and I would look behind me and open my mouth. I got water all down the back of my leg. But it was SOOO worth it. Then Ethan said to pat his back. And he TOTALLY PUKED EVERYWHERE!!!!! It was cool. Then we would skip and have our mouths open while doing it.

I am currently soaking wet and I am going to stay inside for a little while and dry off.
Well, I gotta play a video game with ETAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S.  (Ethan told me to write this)


Sunday, August 26, 2012


This was the derpiest Costco visit EVER!

Okay so for like 2 hours (I'm exaggerating) We were killing time in Costco. We were playing bumper cars with office chairs, playing with giant fans, and derping around with phones, cameras, tablets, and computers. Also when we walked into Costco we were pretty hungry. But we filled ourselves up by eating a bunch of those samples.

Okay so getting to the point, We were leaving and we saw the big line for returns. And this guy has nothing but a watermelon. Dad was like, "Is it a defective WATERMELON!????!!!! Did he open it up and it was cantaloupe?!!???" I was very confused on why he would try to return a watermelon. But hey, maybe it was a defective watermelon.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

California vacation

It was Aweshum! We were filled with activities! By visiting a lot of my dads old houses, going to visit these historical towers, they were really cool looking. And going to, Venice, the pier, watching action movies.
Papa Russ could not get the word, "Flarb" He kept calling it a Flerbic. Only my Aunt Dyon could understand the meanings of Flarb. He also didn't know what a Bunchie was. So I showed him it was this.

Most of the time I was just playing with their dog, Maggie. Because I was bored a lot.

Well, Buh-bye

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

OBT Summer Intensive

During this OBT summer course we have to learn 3 different dances. And 2 of them will actually be in the showcase. (I think only one but idk) During the one that I know for sure! It's called Repertoire. I call it Rep. It's a piece from Giselle. I really like it. I am one of the many Wine Gatherers. The dance is really fast and SUPER DUPER fun.

The other dance that we have to learn is our Variations dance. Our teacher didn't say what ballet it's from, she just said that it's a cute little piece from the Russian ballet. (we're not doing this one on stage) At first I thought that I would hate it all 6 weeks. Because I didn't get it right away and I didn't really understand most of the steps. But as we went on, I got it perfectly. And I can't wait till out next Variations class.

Our LAST dance is in our Hip Hop routine. We dance to a song called, "Where have you been" By Rhianna. It was either that or some weird derpy song.
What makes this dance REALLY, REALLY, REALLY...... Fun. Is that we get to do Double Dream Hands! It's some weird dance that the Skittles learned on Youtube. It's a weird punch,punch across, shoulder, chin, shoulder shoulder shoulder, pat, pat, DOUBLE DREAM HANDS! (Just look it up....)
The dance is really fun, challenging, and AWESHUM!

Well I'll be posting later.... I'm doing that 11 day sleepover still! Gotta go!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cholking on a pea

At OBT summer intensive all of the Skittles are going together. We usually stick together as our own little group.
We have 30 to 45 minutes of a lunch break between classes. One of those days we were all eating our lunches when I told them a funny joke. We all laughed very hard. Then one of the Skittles started cholking. "Are you cholking on your own spit?" I said. Then she said, "No, I'm cholking on pea!" We all bursted out laughing! She said "No!!! Not that kind of pea!" She pointed at her box of peas.

That one I will never let her forget. Or the other Skittles. Can't wait till we go back to PNB!!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Coppelia is over! :'(

Yesterday was my last time doing Coppelia. :'( I was really sad taking off my costume, but maybe when I'm in the company I can be the actual ballerina. Not a baby ballerina.

I do about the same things every time I walk in the Dress Hall. I run upstairs, find a chair, throw my stuff under it and run to the makeup line. After I get all of my makeup on my friends and I play card games. Usually Egyptian Rats. (It has nothing to do with Egyptian Rats) And yesterday I learned how to play a new game! It's called Baloney Sandwich! (Also has nothing to do with Baloney Sandwiches)
During Don Q Grace Kiana and I would play Egyptian Rats so much that we made names for each other. Kiana was Ninja because she could slap a card so fast that we haven't even put it down yet! Grace was Slow Poke because she would always zone out or not pay any attention to the game. And I was bunny. Because we had to curl our hair for Don Q, and my hair would never be right. So I would always have 2 curlers on top of my head. And I looked like a bunny.
And now that Ella (another Skittle) is with us, she had to have a name! We all wanted it to be Slug. But she changed it to the Golden Dragon. I called her the Rusty Golden Dragon because she was very slow at the game, but eventually she got a little faster.
Kiana and I were always the last 2 people, and once we played it the entire time we waited. 2 acts! And two acts was over an hour long! Then we got our costumes on and played for a little bit longer. Kiana won in the end. But it was still worth playing for an hour and a half.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

11 day sleepover

The friend that I'm having the 11 day sleepover is with Rachel. Her mom goes on a lot of business trips. So she has to plan really early just so she knows what she can do.

Her mom is going on a business trip, and her mom asked my mom if she could stay with us for 11 days! And she said, yes! But theres 2 bad parts... 1. It's in JULY....2. I have ballet 5 days a week! From like 10:30 in the morning to 2:00 in the afternoon! That's 3 and a half hours of dance everyday! And I still have to do summer school because we started late in the year. And I was done with my last books at the beginning of May.
But Ethan and I have already started planning what we're going to do. Ethan wanted to play videogames for like a week straight. But also it's in the middle of summer so we have to go outside in the sprinkler, on the trampoline.... And stuffs.

Well, I gotta go.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I haven't posted in like a month. So I'm just gonna talk about Coppelia and whats been going on and stuffs. Yesterday was our first on stage rehearsal. And the entire 3rd act set was up. there were columns, bells, flowers that looked like grapes, and really sparkly pillows that the villagers sit on.
What really bugged my was that on the sides there are usually giant curtains or something that covers most of the wing. But now those curtain thingies are like see through because it's mostly flowers on it. We would usually run out on count 3. But because of the see through thingies we have to start so far back that we have to run on the count 1.

Dress rehearsal is today! So that means we get to wear out TUTU'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are SOOOOOOO pretty! They are pink with little gold lacy thingies. And we have little arm tutu's that look like the same thing. And we wear AWESOME tiaras. They are gold and they have small pink flowers with little crystals falling from it. But the only bad thing about it is that we don't wear anything underneath out tutu's. And we had our fitting with a leotard on! I think that they're all going to be a little big.
I'm really sad about the casting decision. There are 48 girls in my part. 24 in each cast. The Skittles were hoping and praying that we were all in the same cast. Or at least 2 and 2. But instead it was 1 and 3. I was so sad. Grace is in cast A. And Ella, Kiana, and I are in cast B. Grace and I usually carpool as well. But not for this show. So I might carpool with another girl in my cast, Rowan.

Well, I have to get ready to go to rehearsal. So I'll post in another month or so!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Well, I haven't posted in a while.... So I'm just gonna post about today!

I woke up at 9:00. I got up and played with the doggies. Fernando smelled really bad. I got Mini Wheats! I love that cereal. I did my school. Then I played on the computer. I did my chores after that. I don't love sweeping. I went back to my game. I posted about today! I played outside. I came inside because it was cold. I ate lunch at 1:00. I was practicing our lil' dance. I went in my room after that. I danced to one of my favorite songs, Party Rock Anthem. I came out and watched TV. At 2:00 I had a protein bar for class later. At 2:30 I got ready for class. By 3:00 I was done. I was waiting for my friend, Grace to arrive. She arrives, and we head out for the bus. We take a bus to the Transit Center, then we go on the 511 bus that takes us to Downtown Seattle. Grace and I sit in the back. This Chinese guy overheard us talking about a snack that I brought. (Goldfish) He asked us for our names and ages. He said he's been working at this one place for like 17 years. And he gave us his Company Pen. It's PURPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But it doesn't write in purple.
We waited a while because of traffic. We were having a very interesting conversation with him but sadly.... We couldn't understand him that well because of his accent. Once we got close to our stop this lady sits down next to us. She starts talking to us as well. She asked us if we were going to Gymnastics or Ballet. So we answered. Ballet. And then she starts talking to us about her kids and how they wanted to be in Gymnastics. Then the Asian guy starts talking and she interrupts him like, "Don't get all up in their grill, man! These kids are just kids, man!" Then she starts talking to us again, "Now you guys, don't talk to strangers. People can be really mean to kids. So don't talk to anybody you don't know." It's like, WAT DA POO!!??!? You're a stranger and you're talking to me!! WAT DA POO!?!?!? I don't think that they realized that we had my mom with us. Oh well....

Well....  That was today. But that guy was really nice so I hope that he's there next time!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012


So in (yet another) earlier post. I talked about my friend, Gracie. (or Grace) Fernando absolutely LOVES Grace. And this is what he does when Gracie leaves the house.

I took this picture of him with my new camera while he was yawning. Pretty cool. Dis is wut meh doggie does, when gracie leaves him.


Okay, so in an earlier post I talked about skittles. And I don't mean the candy. I mean, me and my friends.

The Story of the Skittles:

My friends Grace, Ella, Kiana and I, were all auditioning for PNB's summer program. We all wore different colored leotards to the audition. Mine was pink. (Of course) Grace's was purple, Ella's was a light blue, and Kiana's was black.
When we came out of the audition we all had some time before class to eat lunch. As we were eating, Ella's mom came in and told us that we all looked like Skittles! So from there, we were called Skittles!
I'm the red skittle. Ella is the green skittle. And Grace and Kiana are both the purple skittle.
We never talked about which color skittle we all were, I just made it up right now.

So that is the story of DA SKITTLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Meh Birfday! (2.0)

Today is my birthday!  But yesterday was my party. My friends Atira and Rachel came. We played lots of fun games and ate the most delicious cake in the world! It was a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting with Reeses Pieces all around the side like a wall. And we put Reeses Mini's on top in a big circle. Then we sprinkled more Reeses Pieces on top. It was a chocolatey MESS! But it was nummy!

For presents, (I'm just gonna say them in the order that I got them) From my friend Rachel, all she gave me was a card that had 20 bucks in it! It was aweshum. From my other friend Atira, She gave me a card (of course) And a t-shirt that had three little ballerinas on it, with other pieces of colorful fabric that looked like tutu's. And then.... NUTELLA!!!!! I love Nutella! But Sierra hates it for some weird reason. Okay, moving on. From my parents, a bracelet made out of Swarovski crystals. It was pink sparkely and pretty! And then I got a camera! It was a pink Canon. It's aweshum! It has lots of different settings, modes, and sounds. But the best thing is, is that it's better than Ethan's and mine was 70 dollars cheaper!!! :D!

So that was my birfday! my Grandma will be coming later today to give me my present!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm in Coppelia!

Okie dokie! (For those of you who don't know) Coppelia is a ballet about a doll, that tries to make a guy jealous. The guy falls in love with a doll but he doesn't know that she's a doll. But this dude has a girlfriend. And that makes her mad. So she dresses up like a doll. And stuffs. And that's pretty much the story.
But anyways, my two friends Ella and Kiana told me and my other friend Grace, that they got in to Coppelia. I really wanted to check the mail but Sierra said that there was nothing for PNB. So the next day we all went shopping with my Grandma. And while we were at Fred Meyer my mom got a text saying, "Grace got into Coppelia. We'll be praying that the fourth Skittle gets in too!" (BTW the skittles is our little club name)
So I was bugging my mom over and over, "Can we go now?!?!?!?" And eventually we left. It was like 1:45 ish. And the mail usually comes at 3 ish. But we stopped and checked the mail anyway. And........ THE MAIL WAS THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mom got in the car again and I asked, "Is there anything from PNB?!" She was looking through it and she saw a letter that said, "To the parents of Abigail Opper" I grabbed it really fast and opened it. I read the first 2 lines.... And I screamed.
I get a pretty pink and gold little TUTU!!!!! EEEEP! I'm super duper super duper excited!

We have 4 weeks to learn 4 little dances. I'm super nervous. But I'm just glad I don't have a prop.

So.... Yea! Buh-bye!

Monday, March 5, 2012


Okie dokie! So, every year I have a confrence to see if I can move up at dance class. So I was really hoping that I could so I can stay with all of my friends, and not have to be with all of the level 3's.
I walked into my teachers office so she could tell me yes, or no. She said that I had really nice feet and legs, and that I needed to work on more energy and stuffs. And then.... She said, "So, we're looking forward to seeing you in level 5 in the fall." I WAS SO HAPPY! If there wasn't people in the room I would have screamed my face off. But I could hold it in. (But I was screaming on the inside... :D)

We went out to dinner to celebrate. We went to Todo Mexico. It was NUMMY! And now I have to do some weird thing on Minecraft with Ethan. We're supposed to make a Mexican restaurant and Have Florence and Miss Jessica be eating there. (I'll tell you about Florence and Miss Jessica in another post.)
I play Miss Jessica. And Ethan is Florence. (Yes, Ethan plays a woman.)

So, that was meh post! Buh-bye!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Holy poo! My confrence is TODAY! If I don't move up I'm gonna be really sad. But if I get a maybe, that's a good thing. Because that will just make me want to work harder for a yes. And if I get a YEAH! Then I will be really excited and I might scream in my teachers ear.....
One reason why I really want to move up to level 5 is because the leotard is PURPLE! I like purple it's probably my favorite color out of the leotard level thingy majig. And another reason why I want to move up is because we actually DO stuff on pointe. Right now we're doing the same old stuff every single time in level 4. It gets kind of annoying.
If I have to stay back for whatever reason, then that's a good thing! Because I can master whatever it is that I have been struggling with. Even though I REALLY don't want to, a lot of girls in my class most likely are going to get held back. Just because level 4 is a lot different than level 5.

So, YUP! Now you know what I'm doing today! Hope you enjoyed! (Actually I really don't care if you enjoyed or not) But okie dokie!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Meh Birfday!

My birthday is coming up really soon! I'm gonna be 12! And I have no idea what I want! Or where I want it to be.
I know that I want a camera that's better than the cruddy one that I have now. It was like 30 dollars so I wanted to buy it! But hey, it sucks. So I want something good.
I know just a few things that I want. And they are:
Clothes (who doesn't need more clothes!?)
A puppy! (LOL jk)
Shoes (I love shoes...)
Yeah, that about it. I can't think of anyhing else. So yeaz! Buh-bye!


Friday, February 10, 2012

My sister.... The PANTS sniffer

Don't mind the title.... It's creepy...

Okay, so I was just in my room when my sister was putting on her shoes sitting on the ground. She stopped and bent over to her knees. I gave her this weird look and she said, "WHOA! MY PANTS SMELL GOOD!" I gave her that creepy look again. And all of a sudden she says, "NO, SERIOUSLY! SMELL THEM!"

Creepiest moment of my life.......

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lindsi Dec's Pointe Shoe!

On the very last day of Nutcracker, I got a pointe shoe for Lindsi Dec! She's my favorite dancer in the company, and she was the only dancer that I wrote to. So getting her pointe shoe was awesome!
She even wrote a little note on it! You can't really see it in the picture but... It's there!
I was so excited! It was one of my favorite Christmas presents!

Monday, January 9, 2012

(Write Title Here)

I haven't posted anything in a while. So... Happy New Year... And stuffs.

Here's an epic picture. And yeah, it's pretty epic.

When is the last time you saw a pug making that face!?
Dat's right. (XD)

Okay, I dunno what else to write about.... So..... Bye bye! XD