Sunday, December 25, 2011


This year, instead of Hanukkah, (Probably spelled that wrong) We're doing Christmas! We got a Charlie Brown tree from our Grandma. It's so cute and wittle! LOL

We got yo open 1 present on Christmas Eve. I got a dance bag that I really wanted. And a cup that says, "I love dance" And pencils that say "I love dance."
Ethan got bedding. (Maybe Minecraft t-shirts. I don't know if that was today or yesterday. LOL) And Sierra got a hoodie that says, "CHEM" For, My Chemical Romance. Some weird band that she likes.
And on Christmas Day, I got 2 pink shirts, a Nutcracker, candy, shower gel, pink very fluffy ear muffs and gloves, PNB pants, and fluffy polka dot socks.
Ethan got everything in his stocking wrapped. Just because he thought it was cruel that mom was making us wait to open our presents even though they were already under the tree. LOL. And he also got a Grateful Dead blanket. (But that was Christmas Eve. I'm too lazy to go back and type it. XD) And Sierra got a My Chemical Romance DVD. Pretty much all the same stuff that I got. Just without the Nutcracker, pink shirts, ear muffs, gloves, PNB pants. She did get fluffy socks but they had stripes on them! XD

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New contest!

Okay, since my new contest was won. By: Atira. I now have another contest! And you pick your own prize! (As long as it's possible) But all you have to do is answer this little question:  What's the creepiest thing that I own?

I'll give you 3 hints:

1. It's kind of like a stuffed animal
2.It's in a game (Any type of console probably has it)
3. It has a pink outfit

Ethan sadly yet again you cannot guess or cheat. Because I told you the answer! HEHEHEHE!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

(This is a title)

As you all know, my brother and I love the game, Minecraft. And I am randomly posting this because I wanted to tell you something that we both do.... Ethan makes a server so that only us and his lil friends can play. We make a little house or city and live with our grandparents. (This part that I just told you doesn't really matter) And we aren't allowed to leave the city. So at night we always sneak away and try to find a cave. (This is the part that matters) If it's a big cave, we'll keep it as your own little clubhouse type thingy. If it's just a hole, we really don't care about it. In the big caves, we go exploring. To see just how big it really is. Then we go back to the top and start flattening everything out. The best caves that we find, are ones with ravines. (A giant hole long thingy. Sorry, I can't really explain.) Inside of the ravines, you can find diamonds. Which we are always looking for. If the ravine has nothing that we want; then we get a BUNCH of TNT, place it EVERYWHERE, hit it, and RUN! If we watch it explode then we might crash the server even more. Once it stops we run back to see the damage. We usually make a big "lavafall". But hardly ever do we find diamonds. So we do the same thing but go down. You can only find diamonds on level 10 now. It used to be 16. But Notch hates everybody.
Once we were exploding stuff everywhere. And we went so far down, and so far out, that we found an abandoned mineshaft. And it was BIG. We got lost SO many times. 

And in the end, we found over 30 diamonds! The server crashed like a billion times. And our entire cave just looked like the worlds biggest hole.

So there you go! That's usually what I do in my free time.... XD


Monday, November 21, 2011

Do you know what this is?

If anyone can guess what this picture is.... You'll get a prize! (Not sure what the prize is) But Ethan, you can not guess nor cheat. Because I know that you know what it is. But tell me what the prize should be with your answer. And Sierra, you can't guess either! Because you know what it is too! So, good luck!

I will give you one hint: It's not a llama.     

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Funny Dog Pics

So when Ethan sent me a really funny dog photo, I just had to have more. (Not really) So I found..... These.
                                                         Well, he looks scared.....
                                                         Who can resist those eyes?!
                                                       Whatever that was... It was funny.
                                                  It's times like this when you need a brain!
                                                     That must have been really pretty.......
                                                        He's trying so hard! Just explode!
                                                     That cat looks soooo scared... (NOT)
                                                                      Isn't that a face

It's coming up!

Nutcracker's opening night is on Friday! AHHH! I get really nervous before a show, and this happens every single time. And I have 20 shows! AHHH! (<----- Again) And a lot of family and friends are coming to different shows. So I'm pretty happy about that! Like my cousins that I haven't seen in FOREVER are coming! But I think that just my aunt is coming to actually see it. (LOL)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm in Don Quixote!

I was just at ballet class, when my friend told me that she was in, Don Quixote! I was really excited because I might have gotten in! So after class we went home and I ran to see if we got the letter. And we did! I'm a Cupid Child! And all of the rehearsals and stuff, mix in with all of my Nutcracker stuff. So.... I'm gonna be REALLY busy.

And also Ethan's birthday is coming up! His birthday is on Saturday! So wish him a happy, happy, happy, birthday!

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Halloween is tomorrow, and I'm sooo excited! I'm going to be a, creeper! And no, not the kind of creeper your thinking of. A creeper is a little enemy in the game called, Minecraft. The best game in da world! XD I'll have a big green box on top of my head. And, it hardly stays on..... So...... I don't know what I'm going to do. But I'm not the only creeper! Ethan is gonna be a creeper too! And Sierra.... I'm not sure what she's gonna be. She was going to be a stick figure. Wearing all black and tape on glow sticks. But she wore her costume to a halloween party, and apparently it's really hard to wear. And taking it off is like torture.... Yeah, I don't know. She says she might be someone from the 80's. Just because it's easy.

But, comment on what your gonna be! :) Buh-bye!

Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm in Nutcracker!

I auditioned in Nutcracker! And I got in! I'm gonna be a lil soldier. I GET A GUN! WOO!

No, it's just wood........ :'(  Darn.

But I get captured it's pretty fun. And I'm in it with all of my buddies! Almost all of my friends are soldiers! So we all get GUNS! Watch out little mousies!

In da blog I'm gonna talk/show.....

I'm going to talk/show.... Pictures of family, dance, puppies. And I'm gonna talk about everything that goes on in my life!

I'm in the newspaper!

Yay! I'm gonna be in the newspaper! On, students in PNB! And they picked all of the kids in Lynnwood! So they want my picture in da newspaper! YAY! I'm so excited!

It's meh new blog!

Hi, people! I finally gots my own blog! YAY!

In dis blog, I'm gonna be showing you pictures of, my puppies, my family, and me at dance!