Wednesday, January 16, 2013


*This year they are actually telling people yes or no!!!! And I got a YES! I'm moving up to level 6!! I'll wear a bright blue leotard!!!! I'm soo happy.
And all of my Skittle friends I KNOW will move up! I know that Grace and Ella are a for sure. Haven't heard from Kiana, Rowan, or Mackenzie, but I'm sure they all moved up!
I also want to know if Grace's little sister Isabelle will move up to level 2!

I'm SOOO excited we went to Wendy's to celebrate. (I had a Frosty! YUM)
So now I have to go to class 6 days a week and have pointe like 4 days a week. UGH.


That face up there is because of confrences... TODAY! I'm freaking out! And they aren't gonna tell me! Because it's too early to tell. But last year 2 level 5's got a yes at this time! ONLY 2! Everyone else got a "It's too early to tell" So they will just tell me that I need to stretch, "Pull up till my head falls off." GAH I'm flarbing out! I'll post about what I got later. It's at 4:00 so yah.

If the title has this face, >.< It means it's too early to tell.

If it's a yes, :D

If it's a no, D:

If it's a maybe, O_O <------ That's me waiting for the letter or phone call...

We're probably gonna leave around 3 with the traffic. And we'll be home around 4:30. *Thinking going on right now............ so that's....... 3 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!* I CAN'T WAIT THAT LONG!!!!! I'M GONNA GO SCREAM AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kay.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Summer Courses

This year, auditions for Summer courses are earlier. They start in January and go to February. I'm auditioning for:
School of American Ballet (SAB)

American Ballet Theatre (ABT)

Los Angeles Ballet (LAB)

Pacific Northwest Ballet (PNB)

All of them except for LAB are the best schools in the world. I really want to go to LAB with my friend Grace. But if we end up not going together, I'll probably want to go to SAB or ABT.
I'm not going to be able to go to class before the SAB audition. Because class starts back up on Monday. And the audition is on Sunday. So I'm wearing my Pointe shoes around the house and stretching every night. I'm not really nervous now... But on Sunday I will be.