Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Upside down water????

Grace said that she didn't care if I posted this....

So Gracie was at her house going to get some ice water. She got her cup and went over to her fridge to get the ice. (Cause she's got one of those fridges! :D) And she pushed the button and all of the ice went all over her kitchen. And she had no idea why! But then she realized that her cup was upside down....  Oh Gracie.......

Friday, October 5, 2012

Nutcracker results

Yay! I got in!!!! But theres a long story as to what my part is.

So originally I got Tall Servant! YAY!  But then for the first rehearsal they started lining us up and figuring out what casts we're gonna be in.  And me and my friend from the Bellvue school Danielle, were gonna be alternates. But they had something wrong. And one of the people in charge said to Danielle, "Did you know that you have been switched to Calvary?" Danielle said "No..." Then she looked back at her papers and walked away.
After the rehearsal I was in the Locker room getting dressed. When Danielle came up to me and said, "Um, Anne wants to talk to you about something." I quickly closed my locker and ran over to Anne. She said, "Oh, Abigail I was wondering if you wanted to switch to Calvary?" "I don't know....." I said. "Well, Doug will call you later on your answer." I walked away after that. And I was dieing to tell the Skittles.

So in the end I decided to switch to Calvary. Because that's what I wanted originally.

Buh bye bunnies........................................ I'm on a horse! With a sword!