Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What I got for Christmas!

This was an epic Christmas. I got lots of cool stuffs. Like...

Boo (a stuffed animal)

Boo calender (the same animal)

a Boo T-shirt

A Victoria's Secret pink hoodie

LOTS of Reese's


Body butter (heh that sounds funny

Party rock bracelet

another bracelet the says "FIERCE"

4 different kinds of pink nail polish

2 pairs of jeans

a new Ipod! (WHHEEE)

new bows

really cool bobbypins (Their sparkely and TWISTY)

Just dance 4 (with 2000 Wii points! I bought Gangnam style)

First Position (a movie)

3 pairs of fuzzy socks

pretty little clippy thingies (I don't know how to explain)

8 new headbands

Gift cards to DSW and Claire's

And I think that's it. I feel like I'm forgetting something but I don't knows.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I found it!

What did I find you ask? Oh, it's only the rarest thing in Minecraft. And I found 7 OF THEM!!!!
And what are they? Diamonds? Emeralds? Nope. PINK SHEEP!!!! Oh yes, hunny bee. I found 7 sheep that are pink. And no, I did not dye them myself. Just ask Sierra. (She heard me scream when I found them)
At first I thought it was just a pig. But then it turned around and I saw it's face. A SHEEP?!?!?!?!?!?!?!! Yes, a pink sheep.

I'm so proud of myself. See, exploring does help you. A LOT!!!