Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Holy poo! My confrence is TODAY! If I don't move up I'm gonna be really sad. But if I get a maybe, that's a good thing. Because that will just make me want to work harder for a yes. And if I get a YEAH! Then I will be really excited and I might scream in my teachers ear.....
One reason why I really want to move up to level 5 is because the leotard is PURPLE! I like purple it's probably my favorite color out of the leotard level thingy majig. And another reason why I want to move up is because we actually DO stuff on pointe. Right now we're doing the same old stuff every single time in level 4. It gets kind of annoying.
If I have to stay back for whatever reason, then that's a good thing! Because I can master whatever it is that I have been struggling with. Even though I REALLY don't want to, a lot of girls in my class most likely are going to get held back. Just because level 4 is a lot different than level 5.

So, YUP! Now you know what I'm doing today! Hope you enjoyed! (Actually I really don't care if you enjoyed or not) But okie dokie!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Meh Birfday!

My birthday is coming up really soon! I'm gonna be 12! And I have no idea what I want! Or where I want it to be.
I know that I want a camera that's better than the cruddy one that I have now. It was like 30 dollars so I wanted to buy it! But hey, it sucks. So I want something good.
I know just a few things that I want. And they are:
Clothes (who doesn't need more clothes!?)
A puppy! (LOL jk)
Shoes (I love shoes...)
Yeah, that about it. I can't think of anyhing else. So yeaz! Buh-bye!


Friday, February 10, 2012

My sister.... The PANTS sniffer

Don't mind the title.... It's creepy...

Okay, so I was just in my room when my sister was putting on her shoes sitting on the ground. She stopped and bent over to her knees. I gave her this weird look and she said, "WHOA! MY PANTS SMELL GOOD!" I gave her that creepy look again. And all of a sudden she says, "NO, SERIOUSLY! SMELL THEM!"

Creepiest moment of my life.......