Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Sorry I haven't been posting in months. I'm not really on my computer that often.

I haven't been doing anything new. (except rapping and dancing) Oh, yeah. I rap. I know 2 songs from Macklemore. Thrift shop, and Can't hold us. I've been watching some more of his songs and videos..... He is a FLARBER. yep.

In dance, we are working on our school performance dance. Miss Albee is choreographing it. She did this piece a few years ago and she let us watch the video of it. It is so COOL!!!!!!!!!!! It is a class on stage. There is barre's and it's going to be very different from the other dances.

Ethan is going to New York today. For 2 weeks? Then he's going to D.C. I think.

The dogs both need dental work. Fernando has a messed up baby tooth, and a bunch a plaque on his other teeth. Cassie, just has bad teeth.

Sierra is working as a nanny for a little girl named Brooke. She's 1 I think. And she's allergic to dairy. But her mom doesn't want to believe that and gives milk to her ALL THE TIME. And then she either pukes it up, or explosive diarrhea all over Sierra. (lol)

So that's about it. Now you're all caught up!