Tuesday, July 17, 2012

OBT Summer Intensive

During this OBT summer course we have to learn 3 different dances. And 2 of them will actually be in the showcase. (I think only one but idk) During the one that I know for sure! It's called Repertoire. I call it Rep. It's a piece from Giselle. I really like it. I am one of the many Wine Gatherers. The dance is really fast and SUPER DUPER fun.

The other dance that we have to learn is our Variations dance. Our teacher didn't say what ballet it's from, she just said that it's a cute little piece from the Russian ballet. (we're not doing this one on stage) At first I thought that I would hate it all 6 weeks. Because I didn't get it right away and I didn't really understand most of the steps. But as we went on, I got it perfectly. And I can't wait till out next Variations class.

Our LAST dance is in our Hip Hop routine. We dance to a song called, "Where have you been" By Rhianna. It was either that or some weird derpy song.
What makes this dance REALLY, REALLY, REALLY...... Fun. Is that we get to do Double Dream Hands! It's some weird dance that the Skittles learned on Youtube. It's a weird punch,punch across, shoulder, chin, shoulder shoulder shoulder, pat, pat, DOUBLE DREAM HANDS! (Just look it up....)
The dance is really fun, challenging, and AWESHUM!

Well I'll be posting later.... I'm doing that 11 day sleepover still! Gotta go!