Sunday, December 25, 2011


This year, instead of Hanukkah, (Probably spelled that wrong) We're doing Christmas! We got a Charlie Brown tree from our Grandma. It's so cute and wittle! LOL

We got yo open 1 present on Christmas Eve. I got a dance bag that I really wanted. And a cup that says, "I love dance" And pencils that say "I love dance."
Ethan got bedding. (Maybe Minecraft t-shirts. I don't know if that was today or yesterday. LOL) And Sierra got a hoodie that says, "CHEM" For, My Chemical Romance. Some weird band that she likes.
And on Christmas Day, I got 2 pink shirts, a Nutcracker, candy, shower gel, pink very fluffy ear muffs and gloves, PNB pants, and fluffy polka dot socks.
Ethan got everything in his stocking wrapped. Just because he thought it was cruel that mom was making us wait to open our presents even though they were already under the tree. LOL. And he also got a Grateful Dead blanket. (But that was Christmas Eve. I'm too lazy to go back and type it. XD) And Sierra got a My Chemical Romance DVD. Pretty much all the same stuff that I got. Just without the Nutcracker, pink shirts, ear muffs, gloves, PNB pants. She did get fluffy socks but they had stripes on them! XD