Thursday, August 30, 2012

Spitting water

Oh my gosh! It was so much fun! *Ahem* Let me explain...

Me and Ethan were playing outside, and I was drinking water. Ethan said something funny and I spat it everywhere. Then he got his water bottle and we made flarby pictures on the fence. Then we started flarbing. I would go on the tree swing and then I would spin myself up and while I was unspinning I would spit water everywhere. Then I was running and I would look behind me and open my mouth. I got water all down the back of my leg. But it was SOOO worth it. Then Ethan said to pat his back. And he TOTALLY PUKED EVERYWHERE!!!!! It was cool. Then we would skip and have our mouths open while doing it.

I am currently soaking wet and I am going to stay inside for a little while and dry off.
Well, I gotta play a video game with ETAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S.  (Ethan told me to write this)


Sunday, August 26, 2012


This was the derpiest Costco visit EVER!

Okay so for like 2 hours (I'm exaggerating) We were killing time in Costco. We were playing bumper cars with office chairs, playing with giant fans, and derping around with phones, cameras, tablets, and computers. Also when we walked into Costco we were pretty hungry. But we filled ourselves up by eating a bunch of those samples.

Okay so getting to the point, We were leaving and we saw the big line for returns. And this guy has nothing but a watermelon. Dad was like, "Is it a defective WATERMELON!????!!!! Did he open it up and it was cantaloupe?!!???" I was very confused on why he would try to return a watermelon. But hey, maybe it was a defective watermelon.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

California vacation

It was Aweshum! We were filled with activities! By visiting a lot of my dads old houses, going to visit these historical towers, they were really cool looking. And going to, Venice, the pier, watching action movies.
Papa Russ could not get the word, "Flarb" He kept calling it a Flerbic. Only my Aunt Dyon could understand the meanings of Flarb. He also didn't know what a Bunchie was. So I showed him it was this.

Most of the time I was just playing with their dog, Maggie. Because I was bored a lot.

Well, Buh-bye