Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Our new Cartoon!

Ethan has this new little cartoon making program on his computer.

And we are making a new Cartoon series with Mr. Johnson as the main guy, the dog Rover, and Robbie the Robot. I play Robbie.

In the first episode we're all watching a movie and Mr. Johnson LOVES IT! But Rover and Robbie hate it. And we're all arguing over who's right.

It's pretty funny. Maybe.

So yeah, I gotta go record the voices AGAIN! So buh-bye!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


You all know one of my Best friends, Grace.
Well, on Thanksgiving she slipped down her stairs and she sprained her Big toe. So she can't do pointe, releve, or jumps. (She's pretty happy about pointe though) But please give her lots of prayers so that she can get back to dancing! :)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

yet another contest

Okay!!!!!!! So I was really bored so I decided to post on meh blog but.... I didn't know what to post about so I'm making another contest.

The question is..... What's my favorite thing to do in Minecraft?

Here are the 3 hints:

1.It ain't building
2. It has something to do with breaking
3. I ususally do this with another person

I hope you can get it.... But if you can't...... Too bad.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

hanna montana is now dead

So today my brother (Ethan) saw me playing a hanna montana game on my computer. In this game you can design her hair, so Ethan thought it would be GREAT if he played it too. And... This is what came out of him playing after about 10 minutes.
 ( some images may scare... well... everyone..)

AND.... This is what he made in paint. (It's the last picture, but he edited it.)

Yeah... We are pretty weird... :3

Imma go flarb in a divet with a rainbow bunchie as we fly into the sun, slowly melting as we get closer... and closer... and closer.....AND CLOSER...



Wednesday, November 21, 2012


So, I dunno if I told yall this already but I got Calvary... So yeah.

I get a really cool sword and a horse!!!! And the Fight Scene is my favorite in the whole ballet.
I'm in cast C so I get opening night! But I only get 10 shows and last year I had 20. :(

Well, anyways I'm trying to build PNB in Minecraft, and it's REALLY hard. Even though I'm there almost everyday, I can't remember where anything is.


Cassie got pooped on...

So.. Daddy got home early today and Cassie got so excited that she had to waz.. (go to the bathroom)
So we let her out and she did her business and then she came in and I noticed something white on her back. Dad touched it and he said, "This is BIRD POOP!" We were all laughing really hard! Because she always barks at the birds, and this was like their revenge.

Poor Cassie......


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Horrible/amazing children

Yesterday mom, dad, and Sierra all went to work. And Ethan and I were home alone. Mom always makes a chore list for us to do while their gone. And we did all that and then we did...

Cassie hopped on my bed with muddy paws. So I brought all of my bedding to the Laundry area and I threw it on the ground. Then like a half hour later I was petting Cassie, when I realized she smelled like MUD. So I said, "Etan... Let's give Cassie a bath." And he said, "After I do guitar for a half hour." Okie Dokie! Then I was gonna grab the broom when I saw all of my muddy bedding on the floor, and I said, "Etan... We should also do the laundry." Because I didn't want any stains on my stuffs. So we threw it in the Washer and we're like.....
How much soap do we put in?!?!? " I DON'T KNOW?!?!?" So we ended up putting about 4....... That's it just 4. And we didn't put them in their for long enough so they weren't even wet. But we put them in the dryer anyway.
Then we gave Cassie a bath then Ethan's all like, "We should give Fernando a bath too. It's only fair." So we gave him a bath.
Then we finished doing the laundry by doing more and more loads. And then we played Twister the FUN WAY. (On your back)


Buh-bye YALL!