Monday, March 19, 2012

Meh Birfday! (2.0)

Today is my birthday!  But yesterday was my party. My friends Atira and Rachel came. We played lots of fun games and ate the most delicious cake in the world! It was a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting with Reeses Pieces all around the side like a wall. And we put Reeses Mini's on top in a big circle. Then we sprinkled more Reeses Pieces on top. It was a chocolatey MESS! But it was nummy!

For presents, (I'm just gonna say them in the order that I got them) From my friend Rachel, all she gave me was a card that had 20 bucks in it! It was aweshum. From my other friend Atira, She gave me a card (of course) And a t-shirt that had three little ballerinas on it, with other pieces of colorful fabric that looked like tutu's. And then.... NUTELLA!!!!! I love Nutella! But Sierra hates it for some weird reason. Okay, moving on. From my parents, a bracelet made out of Swarovski crystals. It was pink sparkely and pretty! And then I got a camera! It was a pink Canon. It's aweshum! It has lots of different settings, modes, and sounds. But the best thing is, is that it's better than Ethan's and mine was 70 dollars cheaper!!! :D!

So that was my birfday! my Grandma will be coming later today to give me my present!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm in Coppelia!

Okie dokie! (For those of you who don't know) Coppelia is a ballet about a doll, that tries to make a guy jealous. The guy falls in love with a doll but he doesn't know that she's a doll. But this dude has a girlfriend. And that makes her mad. So she dresses up like a doll. And stuffs. And that's pretty much the story.
But anyways, my two friends Ella and Kiana told me and my other friend Grace, that they got in to Coppelia. I really wanted to check the mail but Sierra said that there was nothing for PNB. So the next day we all went shopping with my Grandma. And while we were at Fred Meyer my mom got a text saying, "Grace got into Coppelia. We'll be praying that the fourth Skittle gets in too!" (BTW the skittles is our little club name)
So I was bugging my mom over and over, "Can we go now?!?!?!?" And eventually we left. It was like 1:45 ish. And the mail usually comes at 3 ish. But we stopped and checked the mail anyway. And........ THE MAIL WAS THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mom got in the car again and I asked, "Is there anything from PNB?!" She was looking through it and she saw a letter that said, "To the parents of Abigail Opper" I grabbed it really fast and opened it. I read the first 2 lines.... And I screamed.
I get a pretty pink and gold little TUTU!!!!! EEEEP! I'm super duper super duper excited!

We have 4 weeks to learn 4 little dances. I'm super nervous. But I'm just glad I don't have a prop.

So.... Yea! Buh-bye!

Monday, March 5, 2012


Okie dokie! So, every year I have a confrence to see if I can move up at dance class. So I was really hoping that I could so I can stay with all of my friends, and not have to be with all of the level 3's.
I walked into my teachers office so she could tell me yes, or no. She said that I had really nice feet and legs, and that I needed to work on more energy and stuffs. And then.... She said, "So, we're looking forward to seeing you in level 5 in the fall." I WAS SO HAPPY! If there wasn't people in the room I would have screamed my face off. But I could hold it in. (But I was screaming on the inside... :D)

We went out to dinner to celebrate. We went to Todo Mexico. It was NUMMY! And now I have to do some weird thing on Minecraft with Ethan. We're supposed to make a Mexican restaurant and Have Florence and Miss Jessica be eating there. (I'll tell you about Florence and Miss Jessica in another post.)
I play Miss Jessica. And Ethan is Florence. (Yes, Ethan plays a woman.)

So, that was meh post! Buh-bye!