Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I haven't posted in like a month. So I'm just gonna talk about Coppelia and whats been going on and stuffs. Yesterday was our first on stage rehearsal. And the entire 3rd act set was up. there were columns, bells, flowers that looked like grapes, and really sparkly pillows that the villagers sit on.
What really bugged my was that on the sides there are usually giant curtains or something that covers most of the wing. But now those curtain thingies are like see through because it's mostly flowers on it. We would usually run out on count 3. But because of the see through thingies we have to start so far back that we have to run on the count 1.

Dress rehearsal is today! So that means we get to wear out TUTU'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are SOOOOOOO pretty! They are pink with little gold lacy thingies. And we have little arm tutu's that look like the same thing. And we wear AWESOME tiaras. They are gold and they have small pink flowers with little crystals falling from it. But the only bad thing about it is that we don't wear anything underneath out tutu's. And we had our fitting with a leotard on! I think that they're all going to be a little big.
I'm really sad about the casting decision. There are 48 girls in my part. 24 in each cast. The Skittles were hoping and praying that we were all in the same cast. Or at least 2 and 2. But instead it was 1 and 3. I was so sad. Grace is in cast A. And Ella, Kiana, and I are in cast B. Grace and I usually carpool as well. But not for this show. So I might carpool with another girl in my cast, Rowan.

Well, I have to get ready to go to rehearsal. So I'll post in another month or so!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Well, I haven't posted in a while.... So I'm just gonna post about today!

I woke up at 9:00. I got up and played with the doggies. Fernando smelled really bad. I got Mini Wheats! I love that cereal. I did my school. Then I played on the computer. I did my chores after that. I don't love sweeping. I went back to my game. I posted about today! I played outside. I came inside because it was cold. I ate lunch at 1:00. I was practicing our lil' dance. I went in my room after that. I danced to one of my favorite songs, Party Rock Anthem. I came out and watched TV. At 2:00 I had a protein bar for class later. At 2:30 I got ready for class. By 3:00 I was done. I was waiting for my friend, Grace to arrive. She arrives, and we head out for the bus. We take a bus to the Transit Center, then we go on the 511 bus that takes us to Downtown Seattle. Grace and I sit in the back. This Chinese guy overheard us talking about a snack that I brought. (Goldfish) He asked us for our names and ages. He said he's been working at this one place for like 17 years. And he gave us his Company Pen. It's PURPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But it doesn't write in purple.
We waited a while because of traffic. We were having a very interesting conversation with him but sadly.... We couldn't understand him that well because of his accent. Once we got close to our stop this lady sits down next to us. She starts talking to us as well. She asked us if we were going to Gymnastics or Ballet. So we answered. Ballet. And then she starts talking to us about her kids and how they wanted to be in Gymnastics. Then the Asian guy starts talking and she interrupts him like, "Don't get all up in their grill, man! These kids are just kids, man!" Then she starts talking to us again, "Now you guys, don't talk to strangers. People can be really mean to kids. So don't talk to anybody you don't know." It's like, WAT DA POO!!??!? You're a stranger and you're talking to me!! WAT DA POO!?!?!? I don't think that they realized that we had my mom with us. Oh well....

Well....  That was today. But that guy was really nice so I hope that he's there next time!