Tuesday, April 3, 2012


So in (yet another) earlier post. I talked about my friend, Gracie. (or Grace) Fernando absolutely LOVES Grace. And this is what he does when Gracie leaves the house.

I took this picture of him with my new camera while he was yawning. Pretty cool. Dis is wut meh doggie does, when gracie leaves him.


Okay, so in an earlier post I talked about skittles. And I don't mean the candy. I mean, me and my friends.

The Story of the Skittles:

My friends Grace, Ella, Kiana and I, were all auditioning for PNB's summer program. We all wore different colored leotards to the audition. Mine was pink. (Of course) Grace's was purple, Ella's was a light blue, and Kiana's was black.
When we came out of the audition we all had some time before class to eat lunch. As we were eating, Ella's mom came in and told us that we all looked like Skittles! So from there, we were called Skittles!
I'm the red skittle. Ella is the green skittle. And Grace and Kiana are both the purple skittle.
We never talked about which color skittle we all were, I just made it up right now.

So that is the story of DA SKITTLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!