Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Six pack in six weeks

So my friend Sophie, made up a six pack in six weeks thing. 100 crunches a day, 50 sit ups a day, and 25 leg lifts. I started doing it on Thursday. And my friends Gabby and Grace, started on saturday.  I'll be done with this whole thing on March 15. (I'll have a 6 pack for my brithday! :D )
It's really fun to think about the end results, but I'm so sore it hurts to pull up in class. Today I don't have class, so I'll do tomorrows 175 tummy workouts today, so that tomorrow it wont hurt that much during class.
I'm trying to get Sierra to do it with me, but she has this cyst thing... So yeah...... I'm not doing it on days I don't have class. (so 2 days out of the week)

IN ABOUT A MONTH...... I SHALL HAVE A SIX PACK!!!!!! (of pudding. NOM XD)

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