Tuesday, February 5, 2013

All day long

What I do all day long. (LOL I'm really bored. I have nothing better to do so.... Yea)

I wake up around 9:00 AM then sometimes I play my DSi for fun. Then I get up and waz. Then I say good morning to mommy. Then I say good morning to the dogs. And I eat breakfast. (Usually Nutella toast) Then I take a shower. Then I have lots of free time. So I do whatever I want. (Watch T.V., post on blog, go outside, and stuffs) And then I work on my 6 pack in 6 weeks. (LOL 100 crunches a day, 50 sit ups a day, and 25 leg lifts a day. For 6 weeks) Then around 1:00 PM I eat lunch. At 2:00 PM I put on my leotard and tights, and after that I do my bun. By 2:30 I'm done and I start getting my water bottle, snacks, shoes, and stuffs. Then I usually watch T.V. until my friend Grace gets here at 3:30 ish. (SKIPPING TO WHEN SHE GETS HERE) I say, "Bye momma!" And I leave and run to her very big 15 seat van. Sometimes I have a Slurpee. (Because Grace's lil' sister Isabelle always wants to get a Slurpee so they have to get me one. :D ) Then we talk about random things until we get to PNB. AT PNB. We all walk in and we go into the lunch room. We say hi, to our friends. (If they are there.) And usually I have to waz again because the Slurpee is so big. Then I come back and we go near our studio. And I sometimes help with Isabelle's class. (level one) Then once I get out I have about a half hour to stretch and stuff. (SKIPPING TO OUR CLASS) I call my spot then Gabby, Grace and I usually wait in the hallway for our teacher to come. When we see her coming we all run back into the classroom and get in our positions. (Yeah, this part is kind of gonna bore you so SKIPPING TO AFTER CLASS!) We run out and take our pointe shoes off. Then we get dressed and walk over to her mom. (We are always the first people done) We leave and get in the car. And we drive to my house. And we talk about stuffs and by 9:15 I'm home! Then I watch Dance Moms while I take out my hair. And on commercial breaks I get dressed and brush my teeth. And at 10:00 PM I go to bed. I usually play my DSi until about 10:45. Then I'm REALLY tired. So I try to fall asleep. THEN THE NEXT DAY IT STARTS ALL OVER!!!! GAH!

Yeah, this is during my "Free time" LOL BYE!

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