Monday, November 11, 2013


I know, I haven't posted since... May.... But now I will catch you all up!

The summer course at PNB was soo much fun!!! I made a lot of new friends!! Also this summer I got an Instagram!!! This was one of the best summers I have ever had. I've had lots of fun on the tree swing, playing with Fernando and Cassie, and getting ready for level 6.

During the summer course, on my way home, I got a call from Rachel. When I answered she was talking about Macklemore. A rapper from Seattle. She knew that I couldn't go to his concert in December because it was sold out. So she said, that her mom bought 3 tickets and she is giving one to me!!!! I was so happy I started crying.... Yeah.

In level 6 there are about 11 girls who are repeating this year. Which is really weird for me because I'm used to 2 or 3 girls repeating. The classes are tough but I can keep up.

Nutcracker auditions were on pointe. I wasn't really nervous but I really wanted Chinese this year.
The audition went great I didn't mess up and I did everything to my best ability.

The Nut results came out 1 week later. And I got CHINESE!!!!!! Chinese is on pointe and its the only pointe role for kids!!! I am so excited and cant wait for rehearsals.
My 3 best skittle friends Grace, Ella, and Kiana all got Chinese as well. And I was hoping that we would all be in the same cast!
And we are!!!!!

Nut rehearsals were starting and us 4 skittles are in the same cast this year! Most of the other Chinese girls have done it before. So they were kinda mad at us for taking up most of the time.

So that's about all... I'll hopefully post sooner than 6 months!!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Sorry I haven't been posting in months. I'm not really on my computer that often.

I haven't been doing anything new. (except rapping and dancing) Oh, yeah. I rap. I know 2 songs from Macklemore. Thrift shop, and Can't hold us. I've been watching some more of his songs and videos..... He is a FLARBER. yep.

In dance, we are working on our school performance dance. Miss Albee is choreographing it. She did this piece a few years ago and she let us watch the video of it. It is so COOL!!!!!!!!!!! It is a class on stage. There is barre's and it's going to be very different from the other dances.

Ethan is going to New York today. For 2 weeks? Then he's going to D.C. I think.

The dogs both need dental work. Fernando has a messed up baby tooth, and a bunch a plaque on his other teeth. Cassie, just has bad teeth.

Sierra is working as a nanny for a little girl named Brooke. She's 1 I think. And she's allergic to dairy. But her mom doesn't want to believe that and gives milk to her ALL THE TIME. And then she either pukes it up, or explosive diarrhea all over Sierra. (lol)

So that's about it. Now you're all caught up!


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Summer courses

I didn't actually audition for ABT. Because my teachers didn't want me to go. LOL so yea.
I didn't get in to SAB but I did get in to LAB and PNB. I'm gonna go to PNB because it's a whole lot cheaper, and it's closer, AND it's a better school. I'm gonna try to get a scholarship. If I can't get one then I'm probably going back to OBT lol. But we'll see.

BYE HUNNYBEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Six pack in six weeks

So my friend Sophie, made up a six pack in six weeks thing. 100 crunches a day, 50 sit ups a day, and 25 leg lifts. I started doing it on Thursday. And my friends Gabby and Grace, started on saturday.  I'll be done with this whole thing on March 15. (I'll have a 6 pack for my brithday! :D )
It's really fun to think about the end results, but I'm so sore it hurts to pull up in class. Today I don't have class, so I'll do tomorrows 175 tummy workouts today, so that tomorrow it wont hurt that much during class.
I'm trying to get Sierra to do it with me, but she has this cyst thing... So yeah...... I'm not doing it on days I don't have class. (so 2 days out of the week)

IN ABOUT A MONTH...... I SHALL HAVE A SIX PACK!!!!!! (of pudding. NOM XD)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

All day long

What I do all day long. (LOL I'm really bored. I have nothing better to do so.... Yea)

I wake up around 9:00 AM then sometimes I play my DSi for fun. Then I get up and waz. Then I say good morning to mommy. Then I say good morning to the dogs. And I eat breakfast. (Usually Nutella toast) Then I take a shower. Then I have lots of free time. So I do whatever I want. (Watch T.V., post on blog, go outside, and stuffs) And then I work on my 6 pack in 6 weeks. (LOL 100 crunches a day, 50 sit ups a day, and 25 leg lifts a day. For 6 weeks) Then around 1:00 PM I eat lunch. At 2:00 PM I put on my leotard and tights, and after that I do my bun. By 2:30 I'm done and I start getting my water bottle, snacks, shoes, and stuffs. Then I usually watch T.V. until my friend Grace gets here at 3:30 ish. (SKIPPING TO WHEN SHE GETS HERE) I say, "Bye momma!" And I leave and run to her very big 15 seat van. Sometimes I have a Slurpee. (Because Grace's lil' sister Isabelle always wants to get a Slurpee so they have to get me one. :D ) Then we talk about random things until we get to PNB. AT PNB. We all walk in and we go into the lunch room. We say hi, to our friends. (If they are there.) And usually I have to waz again because the Slurpee is so big. Then I come back and we go near our studio. And I sometimes help with Isabelle's class. (level one) Then once I get out I have about a half hour to stretch and stuff. (SKIPPING TO OUR CLASS) I call my spot then Gabby, Grace and I usually wait in the hallway for our teacher to come. When we see her coming we all run back into the classroom and get in our positions. (Yeah, this part is kind of gonna bore you so SKIPPING TO AFTER CLASS!) We run out and take our pointe shoes off. Then we get dressed and walk over to her mom. (We are always the first people done) We leave and get in the car. And we drive to my house. And we talk about stuffs and by 9:15 I'm home! Then I watch Dance Moms while I take out my hair. And on commercial breaks I get dressed and brush my teeth. And at 10:00 PM I go to bed. I usually play my DSi until about 10:45. Then I'm REALLY tired. So I try to fall asleep. THEN THE NEXT DAY IT STARTS ALL OVER!!!! GAH!

Yeah, this is during my "Free time" LOL BYE!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Doin' my own bun

Dat's right hunnybee! I'm doing my own 3 foot long bun! HEY! I said bun. Not ponytail. I've done it twice for class. I was gonna do it on Saturday but Grace wanted to do it. But I didn't like the bun. I'm gonna see if I can do it all week! I like doing hair. It's fun! But it's 10 times easier to do other peoples hair. 'CAUSE YOU CAN SEE WHAT YOUR DOING!!

So yah.. Bye!


Oh my gosh! Don't they look YUMMY??!?! For my birthday, I'm GONNA have rainbow cupcakes. I wonder what they taste like. Oh well, they look cool!